OH man. How come no one told me Le Tigre played at Slims days ago? How come? Is this like how no one bought my Cursive ticket. Or how no one told me about the two boys that I have always liked ditching their girlfriends until it was too late for love? I think it is. I hate you all. Die die die.

Besides that...there is a fabulous girl selling her CD collection for way cheap. I am telling you this because I know you kids are music/shop addicts. So ermm...help her out, she is in debt. Yeah. And if you talk to her, tell her: Kaila wants the soundtrack for "Me Without You" and she will pay you 10 dollars. OH yeah, she will. Peace.

ps: her lj name is--- friendofmute
help her out. She likes my boy Tu.


I am surrounded by the worst kind. The kind I hate.
The gross, the crude, the fascists, the racists, the anti-Gods.
OH my. I almost forgot...the completely retarded, attempted white-ghetto trash.
Save me.



JEM OF THE HOLOGRAMS! She will beat you down yo!

WATCH OUT! ROXY of the MISFITS will eff you up!

Cartoon rockers will KILL you!

warning, offensive words below.

I got somethin’ to say! (what?)
I’m kinda gay! (yeah?)...
Stop lyin’, ho!
You know that you want it!
NO I DON’T!!!!
Yes you do! Just admit it! ADMIT IT!!!!
You made me gay, girl, you made me gay, girl!!!!
Are you gay?
HAAAAY, you made me GAY.
I thought you liked it that way!
Naw, bitch, I’m gay!
I thought you liked it that way!!!!
No, ho, I’m fucking gay!!!!
You made me gay, girl, you made me gay, girl
You ain’t gay
HAAAAY, you made me GAY...
But I made up my mind, silly ho, I’m GAY!!!!
Well maybe I should change my ways and stick to only ladies
Cuz I hate shitty menz and I don’t want shitty babies.


I forgot one thing:

I am having my GOING AWAY PARTY on July 27th. Yes indeed. So my lovelies, you are ALL invited. (be you my friends, as I know you are). I am also thinking of making gifts a requirement. No joke. Like it is my birthday. I will not see you for a year so make it good. I am thinking mix tapes and CDs because I will be on the plane for SIXTEEN or so HOURS. yeah. But make sure you do not put any pop-punk jive on it. Oh, if you are my friends you would never. I love you kids. Call me for directions.(765-1036) It is a Sunday.