erm I created a new journal.
I think it will be used to play with different layout options, if I ever get around to those requests from years ago.


I will make it some kind of a photo journal (inspired by 400blows)...that wont start until probably December or January.

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the place where I fell asleep inside you.

I ♥ Henry Thomas. I ♥ Henry Thomas. I ♥ Henry Thomas.

I just watched "I'm with Lucy" would think that it would be no good, but it was splendid. I loved it. I fell in love and I cried and it was magic. Thus the ♥ above. Really...I cried. I always cry in movies but this one just hurt. All I want is to fall in love and for that person to love me back...oh movies, oh joy. I think I should become an actress so I can relive these moments on the set...never having to worry about "real" love. Again, I make no sense. Bah!

I also watched "Pumpkin". I did not like it. It pissed me off. It should die.
I finally got to watch my dear and wonderful "Teen Witch". Best movie ever (except maybe The Goonies, Princess Bride, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Legend...all of which are favorites of mine). RENT IT. Oh RENT THEM ALL. AND FALL IN LOVE WITH A SCARF ON!!! That is an order.

I got a job. At Baskin Robins. I worry because I never told him that I worked there years ago, when I was just a babe, and was fired. I hope he does not realize or does not care if he does realize.
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here it is

I am going to try not to write in Spanish. I can not write long but I will say that hopefully I will be home next week. I will explain why then. But I want also to say that things will be a lot different at home. I am going to help my mom...chores and such and respect her more and work hard to deserve the grades I get (usually without trying) and I am going to get a job to pay back the money people lent me. I am so sorry for my failure but I will explain later. chau.


I am coming home as soon as possible. I can not stay. I am sorry. I must go to school at home and deserve all I have.
I miss my mother too much to breathe.