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da da da da, now I am only a little unhinged, watch your mouth!

Another one emailed me today. Sounds a little less insane. That is good.

So get this. Yeah. We will play it out Pete and Pete style...picture Pete and the leading man...I will be Mona...or was is Nona?

One Wens. at the horrid market, My little vegan friend Bennett introduced me to one of his other vegan old man friends. Now when I say old I only mean like 22-23 so yeah. I thought this boy, let's call him Bob, was very attractive and yeah. So I was again like, wow I am only into men that are too old for me. And, I noticed that he reminded me of bread wanting boy more than possible. They are basically the same.

I ran of course, bye for you Mr. Trouble.

But, today, I saw my little friend Jude on a corner. Now, let me tell you, Jude dated bread wanting boy and was the reason for his not wanting to date so young...that is why he says they broke up. So yes. There is that, that little thing of us being with the same man. So Jude was with her new beau, or so we assumed, later to find it was her new beau. I was like maybe it is him...then I see her new beau is BOB! The same boy I thought was just like her old beau. I think it is either that we have the same taste...both liked bread wanting boy...I do not know. Oh my.

So odd.
It made me laugh.
Bob is nice to look at, the old ones always are.
Actually it is not the look, it is the mind. The boys I start to like seem to be very intelligent and musically informed and well...charming. Then they turn out to be rather old for me. And then I weep for growing up so soon and not finding my peers to be attractive in that way as much, in the way as I would want one as my beau.

I found one that is up to my dream...but it fell into a hole.

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