divorced (thefawn) wrote,

stop. rewind. hit me with your best shot.

I need a drink.
I need a smoke.
I need a snog.
I need a shag.
I need some plans for tonight.
It is already 7 pm.
Chances are I will sit at home watching TV and reading.
Chances are I will hate it.
Chances are I would much rather have someone over with me.
Truth is I have the house to myself tonight.
My roommate and mother is out helping someone have a baby.
So though it sounds a little kinky, it is not so much.
Someone should come to me.
You could take a bus.
You could take a car.
Just take something and come on over.
I need a nap.
I need a snog.
I need a new trench coat.

Catch my drift?

Call someone that knows you and knows me and get my number. Call me up and we can find a way for you to get here. And depending on who reads this and is bored as well, you could help me with my needs.

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