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in the sun I cut off your finger, stole your gun.

Went out today. I found little treasures. I found a Siouxsie and the Banshees tape, along with a silly little Violent Femmes tape, and the Ice Castles movie soundtrack on record. Oh my. All for fifty cents. It is lovely to get things like that. I love Siouxsie, sexy biatch she was then.

So, I went to our little Petaluma market and found a cute little hippie dippy that I wanted but it was 35 dollars. Oh my! I have no money so I laughed and cried and walked away. I need a good little hat, the weather here is scary.

So gosh, this music makes me want to get some "or something" if you know what I mean and I think you do. I have no concept for age. Wow, I just used that word in the wrong context but again, I am tired and you know what I mean. I look at old 22 year old men and little like 13 year olds. I need help.

But I mean boys I really like are in my range.

Never mind bread wanting boy.

I am working on it I swear.
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