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sparks fly out as you roll down the street.

Jane just told me that my cat Stella is vain because she stares at herself in the mirror and in the shower door. I think Stella is so pretty. I love my cats. I love your cat. Dave loves my cats says Jane. Dave har har enough said.

This is the first time in so long that I have come home from a show and was not depressed. I still have this fucking burst of energy. It is called joy I think. WOw.

I get it. You do not have to play those old games with me. I have played them all before. I understand. Do not worry. Do not waste your time trying to show me.

My mom told me about you tonight. She told me you are looking to play the field and get laid. Ok. Who isn't? She also told me that you might like me but I do not seem like that type of girl and you do not really want a real relationship. So I am just a girl you want to be friends with. Ok just tell me so I can know. Who ever said I did not want to just hit that? I am very amorous I would probably not hit it and quit it because I would be emotionally attached but it sounds good in theory. I mean, you sound so much like Joseph right now I want to vomit. You do not want to "lead me on" oh har har. That is such a ccc thing to say. I mean. Why do I keep finding boys that want my body then say "I do not want to lead you on" and seem like they are nice for doing that but really they are teases. I want your body boy. Ok? I thought you wanted mine as well but maybe I was confused. I am definitely not trying to force you into some little relationship. I am all for taking time. Jane just showed me the definition in her bicep. I get no action. I just thought of that. I. I I... where are you now? You did a change just like he did. First you want to kiss me then you do not want to touch me. I am the confused one here. I am out of the loop. I am out of your arms. And I am cold without you.

Make a move on me, not a love move, a body one. Just whatever. Explain.

So. G-Bib wow. What can I say? We match we mesh. Hit and quit it is what they say. Jane just showed me that it says oi on my pillow. Yes dear it does.

We act so high right now. It is very funny to me.

Oi dear, oi.

ha haha

So anyway. Back to G-bib. So yeah we uhhh who knows there is nothing here. I can not make a move on anything. I mean I am in such a bad place. If we were playing chess, I would be in check. Ehhh mate?


DJ M---I missed you and Morgan and my present.

I am happy. Because I am allowing myself not to care. Apathy is the best medicine for depression.

I want action. But I know I aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh......


Why wont someone date me so I can feel ok about hitting that. I mean why don't boys like them? It is like a always there hit that. You children are horny right? You would get more action in a relationship than not. I know.

Spleeeennnn...Jane's tummy ate her spleen.

Oh let's take time and you can explain to me what you are thinking because I am not in the mood for another PRH. You know? I could not do that. No more games.

If you do not mind, I am sure you would not you don't like me, I will just pretend to pimp it all.

Drummer Pete and singer Pete (same man) hot ass. Just like to say. pelvic thrusts out into the crowd. Wow. It pissed me off that you would not touch me because wow the night was sooo made for that. It was such a night of amorousness and disappointment in you.

"Clear the streets aww that's sweet I'm gonna give up candy, be my butter-finger"
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