divorced (thefawn) wrote,

I forgot how fucked up this thing is

I forgot for awhile how sick this whole livejournal community is. It is just a way for people to whine and bitch then correct other people to push themselves up. Well for me it was not like that. I could care less if other fucking "emo" kids commented on my journal. But again, it is mine. I use it as an outlet for myself. I use it because I like typing much better than writing. I use it because I like it. I do not think anyone I cared about would stoop as low as to correct my grammar, and not have the strength to leave a name to the insult. The truth is, I do not always correct my spelling, and anyway on this entry (you who corrected it know who you are) I simply copied and pasted what another friend had written. You are so sick that you correct others grammar? How pathetic. I feel very sorry for you.

But obviously you got a rise out of me so good job. And by the way, stay out of my journal from now on...I do not like people like you and would like it if you did not read my personal thoughts.
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