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what if I told you I was in love with you.

want me to fall for you? Just disappear for awhile. That way I can romanticize everything about you and fall head over converse.

Just kill me why don't you, I just can not breathe anymore.

Let's sneak into their radios.

Hey, Frank, I want to go to the fair with you. I have a little sweater you might like to touch, and little hand you might want to hold, and a heart you can take as you please. Kiss me, I am yours...do not waste your time crying over any others. Here.

"well the fuse blew, and the sparks flew, got a short fuse for this kind of bull shit. and all I want to do is get in a balloon and look down on the burning remnants...code red, never sin in space with you again..." Where is our hell fire? When will the gloom melt and bloom? I miss you.
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