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this is the series I made with the only man I have ever loved in mind:

the first of the series is called "granddaughter", but was lost and re-made as "i heard your granddaughter was alive":

cocteau twins- persephone
air- playground love
the pixies- hey!
le tigre- writing on walls
aphex twin- window licker
the yyys- maps
the rolling stones- emotional rescue
the cure- lovecats
kazumi nikaidoh- next week
young marble giants- eating noddemix
marine girls- second sight
the hollies- the air that I breathe
cat power- speak for me

heavy vegetable- e/or
his name is alive- the bees
architecture in helsinki- scissor paper rock
the ladybug transistor- oriental boulevard/six times
the shangrilas- give him a great big kiss
the walkmen- wake up
the velvet underground- I found a reason
clinic- distortions
elliott smith- pitseleh
joy division- disorder
kate bush- army dreamer
mum- we have a map of the piano
grandaddy- hewlett's daughter

the second of the series was called "first year italian" and was stolen by the boy:

leonard cohen- suzanne
devendra banhart- the body breaks
modest mouse- tundra/desert
my morning jacket- come closer
cocorosie- by your side
do make say think- soul & onward
heart- magic man
vincent gallo- when
os mutantes- fuga #2
mirah- words cannot describe
the cardigans- lovefool

gang of four- damaged goods
the cure- charlotte sometimes
explosions in the sky- glittering blackness
elliott smith- ballad of a big nothing
mirah- make it hot
iron & wine- lion's mane
radiohead- talk show host
architecture in helsinki- where you've been hiding
the velvet underground- candy says
mazzy star- fade into you
new buffalo- 16 beats
cat power- say

the third of the series was made here in Eugene and is called "you make my lips blush":

bob dylan- boots of spanish leather
little wings- sing wide
magnetic fields- all my little words
mirah- person person
beach boys- god only knows
john lennon- mother
menomena- cough coughing
broken social scene- anthems for a 17 yr. old girl
rilo kiley- does he love you?
the go! team- huddle formation
duran duran- save a prayer
jon brion- phone call
mirah- gone sugaring

little wings- boom!
lou reed- perfect day
beck- everybody's gotta learn sometime
felix da housecat- ready 2 wear
postal service- natural anthem
architecture in helsinki- one heavy february
interpol- narc
the microphones- I am bored
brian reitzell & roger manning jr.- on the subway
todd rundgren- hello it's me
cat power- no sense
fleetwood mac- dreams

the fourth and last of the series is called "because" and some of the tracks I still don't know who they are and wont until Landon tells me:

unknown track
kings of convenience- i'd rather dance with you
unknown track
unknown track
kazumi nikaidoh- pulsation
LCD soundsystem- tribulations
manhead feat. christian kreuz- BSWD
mirah- sun
magnetic fields- i don't want to get over you
the arcade fire- haiti
grandaddy- miner at the dial-a-view
mirah- we're both so sorry

neil young- one of these days
the arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)
metric- dead disco
mum- i can't feel my hand anymore, it's alright, sleep tight
devo- gut feeling
mathieu boogaerts- ondule
little wings- look at what the light did now
jane birkin- elaeudania téïtéïa
vashti bunyan- rose hip november
devendra banhart- we all know
cat power- you may know him
cocorosie- terrible angels
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