divorced (thefawn) wrote,

i wake up and i'm fine
with my dreaming still on my mind
but it don't take long you see
for the demons to come and visit me
and i've got my problems
sometimes love don't solve them
but i end each day
in a song

it's a hard life
for a man with no wife
baby it's a hard life
god makes you live
but without it
baby don't doubt it
you don't even have
your tears to give

i know i'm a hard man
to live with sometimes
maybe it ain't in me to make you a happy wife of mine
and maybe you'll kill me
honey i don't blame you
if i was in your place
maybe that's what i would do

but i ain't breathing
let me breathe
let me go
let me leave
i don't know but i like blues
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