July 21st, 2003


There is this terrible white-power, satanist in my class right now. I really just want him to go away. I can not believe that I am here with him...he smells disgusting. Like poop and cigarettes. I just verbally wished him death. He also hates San Francisco because of all the "homosexuals"...I'll bet he is a virgin. Unless of course he raped a goat.

I am now officially "rocking the cock" of Nick White.

(those of you who know me know that this is just humor).

♥ for all of you that are not white-power, satanists that hate everyone and everything.

edit: everything he says is in some way related to a television show, usually an offensive one.
edit again: He says he told his brother that he is going to kill him. He is getting very fat...more and more every day. He thinks that I am gay...I say something like..."I have a brother..." and he, under his breath, says "You have a girlfriend". Pish tosh.
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cover questions:

if you get them all right, you get a prize.

1. what movie was the movie "Cruel Intentions" made after? see above entry
2. who wrote the original "Waiting for the man"? Who sang the first cover?
3. what book is the song "Killing an Arab" about, who sang it, and who wrote the book?
4. which one of these things does not belong: Hitler, Satan, Santa, and George Bush
5. who wrote the song "whole wide world" and who covered it?

**BONUS** name two of Kaila's biggest pet-peeves.

kiss me kiss me please kiss me.

Okay. Question number one has been taken away.
No one understands.
The correct answer was "Dangerous Liaisons". (it is stated quite frankly by many sources)

So far, only one lady is winning. (way to go buddy!)
I will give other people a chance to try.

the new question number one is: Nico sometimes was in what band and used to do what as a profession?
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I can't help it.

My journal is so cool that I can not help but make a lot of entries.
This will be the last today.

How do you host photos (so that they show up on an entry) via snapfish.com?