July 15th, 2003


Just checking to see if this is working fine.
I might get to see G!
He is playing a show in Sacto and I am going. If you would like to come, I will tell you the information. It shall be a fabulous show. (I really have no idea what the other bands are like, I am just excited to see my friend).

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    the hum hum of a room full of computers

oh my.

I just watched Bush's inaugural speech, and there were so many biblical references. That is really inappropriate. He basically said no separation of church and state. Scary little man. And way to piss of the terrorists...."destroy weapons of mass destruction"...oh boy.
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I like am addicted to raptamakeout.com
I love changing my journal.
I am trying to trick alljejune into making me a custom layout. We will see, we will see.

For now, I will tell you all to join/checkout raptamakeout ...it is a very helpful community. There always seems to be someone on to answer your questions.