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divorced's Journal


11th July 2003

9:06am: ha.
My journal is so effin' sick. Thanks alljejune for the cut&paste. Ah. I like the way things are going here. I feel so computer savvy. Oh yeah.

I think the lank called to cancel our fake-date. I just have that feeling. He is just that type. I am not sure though, he has not called back. If I do go, I get to make some music at my dad's before my mum picks me up. Fabulous.

MY JESSIE IS BACK! It is 9 am, I am in summer school with kids making fart noises with their hands, but I want to call my Jessie. I know she wont be awake for hours and days...I will call her during break. Oh, how I missed my Jesikah! WELCOME HOME...fatlouie
4:07pm: it was an accident,
but being stood up still is not fun.
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