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divorced's Journal


8th July 2003

10:50am: Where is larose? OH how I miss that Vixen.
1:21pm: oh yah. I bite your face off.

made by alljejune.
11:01pm: weeeee...
I have two potential dates!
One is a real date and the other is a top-secret, non-date date.
Excitement is brewing at the prospect of prospects and of a social life.
oh oh oh.
one friday. one on the 19th...you know who you are.

For those of you who will not get a invite (I ran out), who want to come to my going away party...it will be:

July 27th, Sunday
1 pm-5 pm
10 Haven Dr.
Petaluma, CA
potluck (no meat)
bring me mix tapes.
call for rsvp and directions: 765-1036
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