July 7th, 2003

what about them apples?

Vladimir Nabokov and I are involved.

na na na na na. na na na na. na na na na na. na na na na. na na na na na. na na na. na na na na na na na. na na na.

I live in a shoe the size of your face. I eat shoelaces and cotton fuzz. I live within the laces...weaving in and out. I am like a ghost under you. No matter how you walk, you can feel me dancing within your base. There is no way to escape me. I am shoe. Hear me roar.

I can not find any of the six essays that I am supposed to read today on-line. I hate on-line. I hate the fact that I can not get a book for this class. I do not want to go to any more night classes. I do not want to go to any more day classes. I have too much to do. Argh.

On a lighter note, I think that I am getting my invitations today. They will rock. We made them yesterday, and if Charlie does not flake out...they will be printed today. Yeah.

If you would like an invite and you do not think you will see me before July 27th, please comment here with your name and mailing address. Thank you for your time. Hugs: Kaila.

go to: http://www.hotornot.com/?13fae=81838

For a first date, I recommend seeing a movie and getting ice-cream after.
A movie is great because there is a period of time when you do not have to speak and after the film, you have something to talk about. The ice-cream tops it off because even if you did not have a good time, you get something sweet for the effort. Never see a movie when the leading man is hotter than your date. Tip: see a animated movie (like Finding Neemo or Spirited Away), a(n) intellectual thriller (beware of hot man movies like Minority Report), or even a horror film (be it a cult classic...I am opposed to mind-numbing dates). The purpose of this is to avoid getting all hot-n-heavy and turning to look at your not-so-exciting-in-comparison date...that can be a big let down. So, give the boy a break and take him to a movie...get him some ice-cream...and do not set him up for failure by seeing a movie that features both Johnny Depp annnnndd Orlando Bloom. MEOW!