June 26th, 2003


The Sounds is the sexiest band around right now. Or ermm one of them? I do think that their lead singer needs to attempt not looking like Debbie Harry. Did you know that Diesel makes hot bikinis? They do. Ermmm my tum tum hurts. Let's rock. You're hot. Oh yeah.
Oh keyboard boy with your pirate earing...meow. arrr. You want ride?


Bands I am interested in looking up:
Less Pain Forever
The Sounds
The Stills
Champions of Sound
Model Citizen (supposed models in a band but now also a bunch of skinny rocker boys, either way...good times)
Blonde Redhead
Francoise Hardy (I know her but I want more albums)
oh and this awesome band I just found called, "The Gold Bikini"...so rockin'. I kid you. That was the band Lola and I made up. Ahha. Do any of you like these bands? I wonder which to purchase. My own collection is boring me. (except, of course, my staples).