June 10th, 2003

forty licks for forty thieves.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am most ill.

Lola and I were cruising along today...and we saw some boy (not too cute but a boy none the less) and we started making motions with our hands, mimicking a little telephone...you know the one. This, of course, made us laugh hysterically. We decided to write my number on a piece of paper and hold it out the window. This leads to more laughing...he writes us a note that we can not read...and while we laugh we do not notice the big man in the fancy car. Said man is in front of us...we then ram him lightly. He liked it that way. Anyway...

Lola says Lank looks like a Beastie boy.
The girlies I like are under aged.
kick it.

Rosie says she thinks that tooth pick is nice. I laughed. She gets pissy when I talk about those kids. I think she thinks I am some sort of scene-ster...I have no idea. Anyway.

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