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divorced's Journal


9th June 2003

8:18am: international women with no body hair.
I had the most insane weekend.
Good fun.

Buzzcocks were AMAZING. All in caps, just like that. My ears are still ringing. I was in the front row...and at the end of the show Steve D. jumped off the stage and shook hands, but when he got to me...he stopped and kissed my hand. AMAZING.

I think I am in love xxxxxxx.
Current Mood: tired
9:09pm: this is what dreams are made of.
save me.

creepygal 106%
kikakid 98%
surprisemyeyes 95%
sharolain 93%
wonderbrenna 88%
polkasquare 85%
slcpunk 72%
petre 69%
How compatible with me are YOU?
Current Mood: aggravated
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