May 25th, 2003

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I MISS GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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something old something new nothing borrowed nothing blue

my toes are so pretty.
my toes are so cute.

I was in the very city, on the very street, at the VERY spot where the earthquake started last night.
Supposedly it began at Franklin Park (I was sitting on the curb of said park). I was listening to two guys harass a very drunk friend of mine to get keys to a car, whose true owner is still under discussion, with Ephriam and a box o Glenn's cereal. I spent the night being hopped up on allergy medicine and mentos. I was caressed by Jay and married to Ben...all very strange. I do love having guy friends though. If you were not there then you only missed out on the largest grouping of neutral colored indies and fashionistas in the area. As well as the decision of James's or Glenn's. I chose Glenn's because I have no idea which James they meant. Blah blah blah useless gossip of nothing. I must go and clean the be followed by washing this mask be followed by painting my nails to match the radiance of my toes. Blah to perfection and bah to hot muscles.