May 10th, 2003

break away.

Last night was so awesome.
I went with Ephriam to this crazy house party that John Courage was playing at.
All I have to say is that they rocked RV like they have never been rocked before.
I had so much fun. The kid who owned the house payed them in an "endless" supply of beer and then ended up giving them this box full of money. It was pretty sweet. I met Ashley, she plays the tambourine and rocks so much harder when she is drunk...banging it against the wall and such. Pretty awesome. Ephriam broke this drum and Nick talked to me about how much he loves his amp. Total gear whore I might say.
All in all it was pretty good. I felt totally at ease with all the khaki kids. They were so fun and accepting. They had a gay couple and a "super-scene" couple. Everyone just rocked out together.
More I could say I am sure.
Talked about Anne Frank and Helen Keller.
Wow. Helen Killer.
Had pizza.
Was twice jealous. (once of some chick with the Lank when I saw him, her, Julia, Loren, and such over near that coffee place and another time when I realized that I will never be "beautiful" grr).

Must go look at Rotary stuff.
Someone call me so we can rock.
I want to join a band. I can do back-up vocals and tambourine.
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