May 6th, 2003

watch the muscles twitch.

I am bored and I am growing more open to the idea of a boyfriend that is less than ideal...for fun.
I realize now that I am not going to marry my first boyfriend and he, therefore, does not need to be all that I wished him to be. I am just bored in this weather. Things murmur.

Tonight my step grandma said that she ate calve liver when she was little but that squid grossed her out. I do not understand one and not the other. Personally, I would prefer squid. I hate meat. Ick. Meat is all around. Ick.

Femme god Man broke up with his girlfriend and Odessa is in John Courage now. Weird. So now, she is not only a model...she is a violin prodigy. Ha. And here I thought that everything leveled off in the end.

Err G loved his gift but I still know that he is a dream. I hate stupid so-cal. I do.

Hey...does anyone have an extra code? A friend of mine, Andy, needs a code so she can have a journal while she is in Norway that her family can visit. So err...hook me up.

Hella wicked chronic.
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I want your body so why don't you take it off.

Why don't you just drop your pants and start the revolution?
Jessie is dating Crystal and my mum left to shoot pool with them. I forget that it is spring, therefore old relationships are ending and new ones are coming together. What joy. So do you want to get together or what?
So are we going to make out or what?--Klark Depew

Things that I want/need:

*big whore style. I am thinking vintage Dior's that I will find for cheap in some unknown place
*some pumps...two pairs. To be worn daily.
*some new "un-had" kicks
*a blue hoodie to cut, sew, and make tiny
*some fabric to line said hoodie
*some sew-able items
*sex and dying in a high society
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