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divorced's Journal


28th April 2003

2:23pm: This charming man.
For the first time I have be split in two.
One part wanting to die, truly wanting to die.
And the other, knowing how pathetic the first is.

I suppose my existence has been a joke. I am just a below average person with gifts in bull shit.
2:29pm: die die die die die die die die die
I must be so stupid. I can not believe that this happened. I can not breathe, I can not feel, my mind does not understand why my eyes are wet. What will become of my life? Where will I go? Will I work? Will I stay here, in this place forever? Forever. I want to go back to sleep and pretend that this never happened. Now I am being pushed away yet again. Removable. Insane. Average. Death.
4:38pm: .
I am going to die today.
Current Mood: dead
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