April 27th, 2003

u o u

I was going to come on and write a nice message about liking boys and how nice it is to have a boy take care of me. I forgot how nice it is, the little things...protection in a pit (even when it is not needed), walks, etc. I also almost forgot how nice it is to see hot men. Like the lank. Oh how nice he is. People say we should date. But, I would always rather have his ex lover...she is extreme hotness. Oh Lola, ask me about library boy and who bowler hat boy is dating. But, alas, I just looked at a photo of G. Gosh, I will never stop being amazed by how good looking he is. Sheesh.

Breakfast was too big, but little Kralc was not. Oh sweet P-town.
On a lighter note, I saw Mikey (this note for Rachel) walking down the street in Luma. Odd.

must go eat at baby shower.
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    the happy house, siouxsie and the banshees

social security has run out on you and me.

I forgot something.
I wanted to thank Jar(r)od for giving me mambas and cloves and walking with me and the Simpson's.
Even if he was stolen away by girls.
I think it was his ex.
Little ex-es that have boys whipped...crazy.

I walked home alone, in the dark. It felt nice.
Someone yelled out, "nice rack," and I thought, "I wonder if it is really that dark".