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divorced's Journal


9th April 2003

7:13pm: How do you do it? I will hold you close if you are afraid of heights.
I need you to see this place, it may be the only way...
that I can show you how, it feels to be inside of you.

or love?
let us say love.

Do you remember that song "You make me come, complete, completely miserable" etc etc by that band lit? It reminds me of being in Junior High. It does, as well as the whole Incubus with the song that goes (see above un-quoted quote).

You know what is great? GREATTTTT? Footloose. And Sade. And my itchy eyes that do not really itch.

Love in seven languages.
Six different ways inside my heart.

Let's hear it for the boy.
Let's hear it for my man.
Whoever he is.
Current Mood: like a smooth operator
7:38pm: I'm sorry but I am out of milk and coffee...
never had sugar, we can watch the only movie.

Is it just me of is he changing...looking younger at that?



Hey Paulie Paul let's have a ball.
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