April 8th, 2003

woke up this morning

Today is getting better and better.
In my chem class we took this quiz, a matchmaker quiz. They ask about your preferences and your own stats...then they are going to cross reference them with the whole school and match us up, for a buck. I love filling out forms and answering questions about myself. I am excited.
Sebastian is in love with me.
I see him watch me from across the room.
All the time.
Too bad he is khaki if you know what I mean. Out of my league in a beer party sort of way.

Where are all the lovers? eh?
My counselor warned me not to get fat in Argentina.

Soon I am leaving to go to a class with my mum then to the city to mess about until 7 pm, when I will be going into the Fillmore to see Bright Eyes. I wonder who is opening. I wonder what my mum will think of my crazy outfit. It matches only by color.

Good times.

Does anyone remember ACTION? (fish and way of life?)
Represent my old summer homies.
SR/PTown for life.

A judging zombie named K
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