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divorced's Journal


31st March 2003

11:36am: grrr argh
Nightclubbing. We are what's happening.


Now I remember why I never go out.
Perks of my night:
* eating chips with Kelly and Corey and T dogg
* talking to Clark and Kelly
* not wanting the evil one
* being unimpressed with the evil one
* seeing Kelly with a mustache like a dictator
* my little buddy is coming home soon
* faking lyrics with Ashley

Pits of my night:
* being associated with people I barely know
* wanting to kill a stranger
* feeling like Mersault and wanting to go home and sleep
* waking up and wondering why I feel lonely in a group
* waking up and realizing that I am being interpreted all wrong
* waking up and realizing that I can not sleep in past 10
* missing Lauren, wondering why Jessie never called back
* seeing someone playing and instrument on TV and missing my dream like the day is ending
* getting on this machine and feeling paranoid that people I adore are hating me to death
* wishing someone would call so I do not have to wash the dishes
* wishing the day would go on forever
11:47am: hm
I really like this song.
The beginning is great and reminds me of Renton. MEOW.
The later is crazy drum beats and reminds me of the gym

"Born Slippy", underworld

oh and memories of "I love you, oh no" stuck in my head.
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