March 28th, 2003

I re-state:

What I dislike is those crazies that think Osama, leader of isolated terrorist regime, and Saddam, fascist dictator of Iraq, are the same man. The "War with Iraq" is not the same as the "War on Terrorism". If anyone can remember, we could not find the "terrorists" or their leader because he was hiding in a cave. So Bush said, let's go "liberate" Iraq and replace their leader, who charges us too much money for oil, with a leader that we choose, who will obviously charge us less in exchange for the role. If we were really trying to "spread democracy" (by the way, why must we get so ideological and try to put our ideals upon other countries? Ah yes, to control the world through puppet democracies) we would allow the people of Iraq to vote their own leader. Ah the craziness. Ah the humanity. Why can't we just take a breath and stop with the craziness? I need sleep. I have ranted too long.

I am wearing my pink sunglasses again.
80's core yo.
I can not even see through them.

I might go on a night hike.
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just to get by, high, fly.

I am listening to rap music on a static-ed radio station, though on music "restriction".
I am going over the whole past in my head.
I realize that I was obsessive and emotional and "crazy".
Yes I was.
But I was little, a girl, innocent, corruptible.
I trusted with my faith, in a man of faith.
So it is nothing to regret.
I have learned from it and I do not blame myself.
The past is past for a reason.
Now I am hard.
Do not dare try to break me.

on a lighter note: I am going out Sunday and I have no pores.
I miss Sinead O'Connor. "the things we said that we never said...the things we never did"---never me.
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    Just to get high, just to get by