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divorced's Journal


9th March 2003

1:21pm: the red of the underface
My dreams were plagued by the evil one last night.
Not about him, but he was there.
I think that was my subconscious's way of dealing with the fact.
The fact that I saw him and he was tantalizingly tasty.
The fact that he was a bit kind.

The fact that he is EVIL and that I realized what control I have over him when I look good.


The kind boy wrote me back. I miss that kid. But the plans are that I get to visit soon enough.

Speaking of kid, Lola's play is sold out and I feel like a terrible friend.
My other friends called me a hoe last night because I gave a boy my number on a kfc bucket.
But it was very innocent, I just told him to take me to Vallejo.
I would be that last person to do a hook up.
And said evil boy would be the first. Shhh. It is a secret.
Current Mood: awake
5:31pm: he's got the magic hands
1. I love shaved head, I love shaved heads, ah shaved heads....swoon
2. Chocolate bread pudding in minutes, count them off hoe
3. Heart is great, the mix for Grant is mediocre
4. Oh guitar I love to dance to the rhythm of your loin
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