March 1st, 2003

I quit today, I quit today. I really did.

I am very tired.
So very tired.
I have so much to do and so little time, not to sound too...ek.
Tonight is Logie's show, I might go...depending on how I feel/seem to feel. I have never heard this band "fullbodyshiver" and I am looking forward to an experience of that magnitude. (though I doubt that their name has anything to do with their quality).
I have a lot of history to read/study, a speech to remember, and some Spanish. I wish I had another day in the weekend so that I would also have time to make a new mix tape. I can feel the tape forming in my mind. Ah. Make it stop!
Only a couple more hours and I am home free.
No more of the work.
No more.

This with an exception to the fact that I will be working every Sunday at A Shangri La, for Alisha. This is okay because it is later in the morning, on a Sunday, no taxes, and minimal servitude if you will.