February 8th, 2003

we move like cage'd tigers.

ama e fai quel che vuoi
everyone loves you, and you love everyone first,
and ask questions later! you're italian and
proud of it. you love wine, and beauty, and if
poked hard enough, you might admit to loving
the proud intellectual history of your country
as well.

what foreign language are you?
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I am at work.
But after, I am coming to Rosa.
Bean, I know you are spending most of your time in bed, but you will need to put on your pants because I am coming to visit. I am a princess and you must have pants for company like that.

and now for some very un-calvary ranting.

1. Someone is microwaving something and I can feel the waves going into my body and killing my cells/shaking the computer screen.

2. I MISS MY BEAU! I just tortured myself by looking around the site and wishing he would write. Ehk. Trouble is, he is gone...in Texas, which is the worst thing ever. I hate this. I am much too amorous to wish and think. If only he were lame, or ugly. No such luck.

3. JJJJEN has not scanned those photos, nor has she given them back to me, and she avoids all contact with me. Which means she A. lost them or B. hates me so she runs away...if B., still...give me back my beau photos! I can not survive it without those little shots of mine. Plus, someone else can scan them. For crying out loud...when will it end.

4. I am so done working right now. BUT, I have 2 hours left. Ehk. I am sick of all this horrible-ness.

But alas, rock the C-Bah ya bra. It is da kine.

where you been.

Mi padre tiene un persona nueva que vive en su casa. Se llama Alan y el se gusta Japan y la cultura de Japan mucho. El come vegetables de el mar y duerme en una cama de Japan y duerme con la musica de una tienda que es Japanese.
Please forgive my Spanish, I am half asleep.
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