February 7th, 2003

the allure of evil

"By her petticoat the woman troubles the man's soul.
For surely the woman entices above all, with her gentle frou-frou.
It's her petticoat's frou-frou that makes her so exciting!
He sees at once the life in pink, gets electrified, he becomes crazy!"

where is my prize?

Did you know that if you listen, but do not watch, the old movie about Helen Keller and such...it sounds like people are having wild sex? It is quite disturbing.

I just realized my own love for those mod-like kids of hot hot heat. I accidentally found some crazy site, as I sit here in school, a bored TA...and now I have this need to buy some pants. Fashion kids, costs more time than I have.

Oh sweet music. This song reminds me of two nights and three boys. The first memory is when I fell asleep on the evil one's shoulder. He walks me home. He acts as though he loves me. I just remember being so happy that I had found someone I could trust. I went to sleep and thought, "it feels so normal to have just hugged him...MFEO?"...boy was I wrong. So boy one is the evil one. It also reminds me of listening to the band with Ephriam...playing basketball rolling. And then, at last...it reminds me of the silent one. Just because all happy music does. Fin.

This is a good song I just found. I feel lucky to have struck gold with this song. His voice reminds me of Modest Mouse but the music reminds me of something from Little Darla records. Good times. Raise me up kids, love me for the silence and the aches in my wrist.
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