February 2nd, 2003

deep line

I am going to ARGENTINA!


*no homework
*long break
*great exchange rate
*tight, low pants???
*Armani for 10 bucks?
*school until 1 pm
*out until 6 am
*very Euro
*boys are beautiful
*Rosario said I could have 30 a night
*Alejandro said I would be fine..."You are a good girl, do not worry"
*above comment followed by "do you like to party?...lots of drinking"
*above also a con? I do not drink now. Water for me.
*etc etc

*hard to get visa
*econ. slum
*tight, low pants
*crazy accent
*etc etc
*eats the more beef (per capita) than any other country in the world

etc etc to everything because I just drove 6 hours from Shasta, fell down the mountain, rocked the skis, fell in love about 100 times with every instructor...uuuuuuuu....meow...sleep.
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