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divorced's Journal


13th December 2002

9:08pm: I pity da foo
Project Rock-out-Grant is a go go.
Let's pray for no storm.

"Maybe I should make you stay away
So you can really concentrate on where you are today
When you phone, I sit and think alone
And wonder if your life with her is really as you say
Then again, you're still a friend
I'll be loyal to you 'till the end
Come to me with wounds you want to heal
I'll listen and I'll try to understand the way you feel
Never fear that I'll be gone from here
I'll always be around for you to talk to me, my dear
We can try to justify reasons for and reasons why
Some are true and some are only lies
With fingers crossed you close your eyes
And hope that things will turn out fine
There's not a lot that I can do
If you're too weak to face the truth
'Cause if the things you tell me are
The way you really claim they are
Then I can only pity you for being such a fool" Lush
Current Mood: anxious
10:17pm: Pete

Pete is the best coolest kid in the whole wide world! Thanks Pete! You Lady killer you.

10:41pm: Jumpin' Someone else's train.
I'm not in love so do not even get me started.
I am currently trying to attack someone married to a feline.
And I do not mean anything but a cat.
Current Mood: tired
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