November 24th, 2002

3 hours 3 hours 3 hours. (then the bakery sets me free)

I want to go home now.
I am tired of working.
Working with all women is not good anyway.
I think I am the only one without that female snap...moody yell thing I guess. I just do not get so worked up and estrogen-y
Who knows.
I am tired.
I need sleep.
For a week of winter break, I am going to a little unknown island in Hawaii (where I have never been).

Hey Zoe...I know a boy that I think you would like. Call me tonight if you see this. Colin thinks you two are similar...the boy and you I mean.

So yes...
I wish I did not have to go to bed alone tonight.
Last night I shared a sleep space with my little brother...he is like a heater; heat just comes out of that boy. So lovely. I know I would not want to live alone. So my dear friend, if you read this, I am giving you no choice but to move away with me.

I am going to see X in concert this tuesday. YYIIIPPPEEE.
I have a huge history test Monday.
I feel like I could be sick.
I thought I did well on a Chemistry test, I got about a C-...passing but no tomato. I am going to switch out of that class. If I do just as poorly in the lower class, I will have to quit all together. I am taking the test in December so I only need to stay here for this year. Yeah.
My love and heart to you all.
Good day.

Oh and Ashley, give me a ring.
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apples and tarts

Relations, in direct competition
The players, disguised as the lovers
The best friend
A game of who needs who the worst

A little bit closer
Your lipstick is smudged, dear
Here, let me wipe that smirk off