November 17th, 2002

Is that Pink Floyd I hear?

I feel ill.
It is not even 6 am...I am up.
I hate working in the morning.
I hate labeling, bagging, and placing all the bread.
It takes me forever.
And I am a quick one.
I say we throw all the bread in a basket and people can put on gloves and grab at it themselves.
good ideas come in threes.

It is very easy to fall back in love with the only person you have ever loved.
It is very hard to see the obvious reasons not too.
No more acid on the wound left deep.
I need more preparation for the beauty and extreme attraction for that used to be ouuuur attraction though. That is the fact that keeps me going.

Love is always harder when it is felt by one.

oh ho hum the day is dumb.

I am on lunch.
Eating holiday food.

I wish I did not have to go to Thanksgiving where they have tomatoes in their salad.
Oh well.

Is it my friends who post in secret?
If you post in secret, it can be assumed that you think what you say will anger me. the old woman in your neighborhood said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". I think that is very true.

My journal seems to be a big long verse about love and fawning. Yet, I have only loved one person and I have never really been kissed. So I am not in big romances or lovin' nights. I am looking for love...but I think everyone is. I don't write about what is really personal or about the people I am really interested in because other people see this. It is just nice to vent and type. Oh well for all those, who thought I was something exciting. Sorry. No monkey.

I wish I had seen Harry Potter last night.
But I must say...I am sooooo glad I went to the show!
I am so proud of Paul. (all the other boys too).
It really seems like his dream is coming true. I watched them play, they were very good, and I listened to the youth singing along. It was great. They are spreading the word, even if they do not know it. I am so proud. I want to get is such a cause.
I wish I was not such a shy person when it comes to spreading it...I wish I had courage to help others.