November 11th, 2002

This freezer is getting cold.

High five, "You go girl", so silent it is almost and air hit.

Falling for a friend she said.
Won't get through that now.
The sun broke open and the grasp was lost.
I held on so tight.
The night lifted the veils of silence.
My lies.
Your truth.
Nothing is fine.
The sun is not here.
But the fog took her place.
Don't call me...
the baby is gone.

Could you fall in love with the sun?

Sweet baby don't cry.

It's only you who can tear me apart.
Turn my wooden heart.

I can help falling in love.
I do it in the aisle.
I fall for your poetry.
Just the words.
No face, no being, no life.
She fell for her friend.
She fell for his soul.
She ate his heart.
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