November 10th, 2002

And so it's begun, this is year one...never have no >>> endo to smoke. (Nate Dogg scares me)

Friends are nice.
My throat is full.
I am questioning everything at the moment.

So you say monkey and I say bo-peep.

My Schwinn Racer is pretty cool.
Pretty cool.

All things to think of can be spoken of today/tonight...the party has ended.
I feel kind of sick.
I think because I was smushed and forced to straddle people to have any sort of room. Sorry my children. I really can not tell the difference of who is who and that spooks me. Trouble comes in numbers.

Scorpios of the world unite and take over.
Hand it over.

right there?

Note to child:

If your name is Jane, I have a special thing to tell you. You probably already know...but I discovered someone's livejournal...someone by the name of Tree.

Ask/call me and I will help you see it too.

I am tired and I want to go to bed now.
I also want new and fresh.
And it seems like even when I meet someone across the country...they are sucked in and claimed before I even get a chance to claim them for my own. Now I do not mean in a creepy, sex-slave way...just in the way of having a friend that no one knows. I do not know. We will see. We will see.