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divorced's Journal


10th November 2002

9:36am: And so it's begun, this is year one...never have no >>> endo to smoke. (Nate Dogg scares me)
Friends are nice.
My throat is full.
I am questioning everything at the moment.

So you say monkey and I say bo-peep.

My Schwinn Racer is pretty cool.
Pretty cool.

All things to think of can be spoken of today/tonight...the party has ended.
I feel kind of sick.
I think because I was smushed and forced to straddle people to have any sort of room. Sorry my children. I really can not tell the difference of who is who and that spooks me. Trouble comes in numbers.

Scorpios of the world unite and take over.
Hand it over.
2:12pm: right there?
Note to child:

If your name is Jane, I have a special thing to tell you. You probably already know...but I discovered someone's livejournal...someone by the name of Tree.

Ask/call me and I will help you see it too.

I am tired and I want to go to bed now.
I also want new and fresh.
And it seems like even when I meet someone across the country...they are sucked in and claimed before I even get a chance to claim them for my own. Now I do not mean in a creepy, sex-slave way...just in the way of having a friend that no one knows. I do not know. We will see. We will see.
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