November 5th, 2002

fuck this shiet of a word mizturi

Just a note...want to know what I want for my birthday? I want a Lush album. Either "Lovelife" or "Split". Though Lauretta said I would like them...I might just. They are often compared to one of my all time life...favorite bands. (Cocteau Twins). I love that sort of dream singing, where you can not tell what they are saying. Where the ladies use their voices as instruments rather than for lyrics.

my eyes are burning. kiss the sound of my skin living for you. I miss the idea of a body to body. I miss the idea of dancing with our hands in our locks. If you want to fall. You want to fall? Life is boring if you don't just fall. Fall for me...I can make it very scary for you. Just listen...listen to what I listen to now and you will know. Lithft here it is. Listen.
>>>>>>>>Love...a word used too much, I call it lithft...pronounce it as you wish<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A boy to jump upon my heart.
A girl to hold my wrist.
She stands within the cut of my arm.
He licks just between the comma and the verb.
I twist and flame in my sheets.
Wrapped around me, to steam me through and through.
Slam your breaks at my window.
Slice me up, feet first.
Stop your dancing Abagail.
Stop your swaying...leave me still.
I tried to grab you once again.
Your hand was too small to catch.
As I sit in the mirror and watch myself melt...
you stay just as you were.
Lover and thief.
Why can't you breathe right?
You fall short of heat
Don't you know that I have a lighter for you?
Grow in the whispers of my melon son.
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