November 3rd, 2002

The people here look at me, wait for me to go.

Last night.
It seems that the memories for most are simply repeated. Mine, though, are wonderfully unique. Ephriam and I were very scared of the music. Indie kids moshing is a scary sight. At least for us. I think I have od-ed on bread. And now that I am at work it will not stop. I am tired for some reason too. I think because I slept well and then this morning, it was just so lovely, I did not want to get up and go to work.

I am also rather stressed for some reason. I think because I am doing my Art Quest applications now. And I really need Charlie's help. I need him to write my letter of recommendation, look at my photos/help me choose the good ones, and turn his bathroom into a dark room for me to develop in. And upon all this, which I have to get done really soon, I have so much school work...and more coming up soon. I am very upset with this.

Also, I was given a number that I want to call. I want to call, but I can not. Not only do I have phone-phobia, I just think it is too weird. I do not know. Maybe I will use a messenger. I just do not know. I will have to make up my mind soon...not this weekend though.

BR. Hmmm...trouble with a single-word accent.
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