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divorced's Journal


3rd November 2002

3:26pm: The people here look at me, wait for me to go.
Last night.
It seems that the memories for most are simply repeated. Mine, though, are wonderfully unique. Ephriam and I were very scared of the music. Indie kids moshing is a scary sight. At least for us. I think I have od-ed on bread. And now that I am at work it will not stop. I am tired for some reason too. I think because I slept well and then this morning, it was just so lovely, I did not want to get up and go to work.

I am also rather stressed for some reason. I think because I am doing my Art Quest applications now. And I really need Charlie's help. I need him to write my letter of recommendation, look at my photos/help me choose the good ones, and turn his bathroom into a dark room for me to develop in. And upon all this, which I have to get done really soon, I have so much school work...and more coming up soon. I am very upset with things...like this.

Also, I was given a number that I want to call. I want to call, but I can not. Not only do I have phone-phobia, I just think it is too weird. I do not know. Maybe I will use a messenger. I just do not know. I will have to make up my mind soon...not this weekend though.

BR. Hmmm...trouble with a single-word accent.
Current Mood: Detox Tea
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