October 31st, 2002

My tum tum hurts.

I am in math and there is halloween music.
Halloween music.
And those little things that shake as you walk by.
My dad was married yesterday.
I met this nice boy named Robin.
(was in France...not Phoenix Robin)
Saw the bosom of my new mom.
I would just like to say...
This chem test...I will bomb.

Tru Playa fo Reaal...

Situations...will arise in our lives, but you've got to be smart about it.
I loved you, you were my girl.
I thought the world of you...
You don't have to call, it's ok girl, cause' I will be your ride tonight.

You know what I need?
I will break it down for you.
Break it down for me.
I need a beautiful boy, with a beautiful body.
Too pretty to refuse.
A kick in the tush with love.
With good taste in old music.
A swanky dresser.
A 80's dancer.
Head down, arm swinging type.
Reader of Camus.
Driver of Volvo.
Eater of no meat.
But...a little off.
Camera in hand...something in hand.
But...who has the same appreciation for bad hip hop as I.
Wanting to listen to Ja Rule with me.
I want someone who is wanting to make my love.
Not make love.
Someone who would kiss how I want it done.
Not with a big build up, I can not handle that.
Kiss on random.
While talking.
While singing.
Just while.
I can see you with my eyes closed.
When you dance so close...I...will turn around and grab your tush.
Whiskey on the mind.

Have I lost you my children? Or are you just troubled with your lives?
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