October 28th, 2002

my head is frozen, my head is frozen, my head is frozen

"Do you have a combo? Combo?"
I think it is just terrible.
The thing about a great guy is...
it always seems like a lot of girls like him.
I hate liking someone that someone else I know likes.
I kind of dig this one kid.
And someone I work with likes him too.
And she feels like she can not talk about what they do aloud. But really, I would rather hear it. Keep my life in perspective and use the extra information. Two men at my work are napping together. Very interesting. I miss my dad...and Santa Rosa.
I can not wait for a time when I can go there...no work I guess.
A week of break?
Good idea.

Rotting flesh? You shot me with your camera.

Dav S is one of the cutest little men I have ever met.
I hope we can get a ride for tomorrow.

My father is marrying a 23 year old in a couple of days.
I was with a 21 year old hours ago.

We should chuck em' both and set em' up.

I am lonely now.
But trouble is, I wont be tomorrow.
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me: When I am all big and grown up...I want to be a photographer
boy: we can take pictures together
me: sigh
me: what type of camera do you use?
boy: nikon n90s
me: sigh
boy: how about you
me: A Nikon kid by my own heart.
me: Nikon F-4
boy: that is hot
me: is it?