October 23rd, 2002

This chai made me anxious.

I am at SSU at the moment, I came to observe the National Chemistry Week celebration/crude experimentation. I became rather bored and seeing as I had/have a while until my chariot comes...I decided to wander to the cafe and visit with Ashley. She is so superb. Just adorable. She gave me a soy chai that tasted rather like cheese. But I drank it anyway and enjoyed. The man from Baskin Robbins/my school...that said he fell in love with me at first sight (all due to the little red dress I assume) came through and looked sad and distrait as usual. I avoided his gaze. Ashley told me that, in fact, Escape Engine could not play on the 14th for my birthday, because their guitarist man Greg would be with his woman in Arizona. Oh how will I fix this? Change the date if possible no doubt. So then, I come to this computer area and see a man I followed...he is gorgeous. But he goes into the restroom and I wander in here to wait for him to come out. But he must have not gone out this way. Or he fell in. Because he is not here. Oh well, such is the life of the love obsessed. I did have to go, but I skipped it because I thought that I would miss him. Everyone I love will be watching "American Graffiti" tonight outside in Petaluma (land of the zombies) right? I would hope so, not only a great film...but I will be there...and so will...hmmmm.
Yeah so I am going to go and look for the man with the jacket and the hot pants. Oh how I do adore a good tight mod pant.
I love you all and goodnight.