October 22nd, 2002

and you kissed me with ripe young breath- so i kissed you, one night as forever

what saddle-creek band are you

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You were gone today.
And I wrote you a little note.
But I could not give it to you.
It went something like this...
"I do not know how to speak my feelings. Everything I say turns out sounding so stupid and egotistical. What I meant to say was that we were so much together, influencing one another, that we were like one. And now, I freak out because we one but we are not. You know? I guess I am not making an effort either, but I think it is because when I try to reach for you...you seem so cold. Writing that in my journal was rather lame, what I said was lame. I wrote it in the heat of my own sadness and confusion. I am sorry for what I said. But I am not sorry for bringing up where we are now...I want it to be fixed. I just do not know what to do when you pull away. So I get mad and defensive. Marking you as mine. But you are not, so that is silly to think. I hope, I just wish...that you were happy again...that we were happy again. I miss my other hip."

crunch crunch went the cereal

I realized today that people have coupled off.
And when my couple is not here, I want to rip off my hands and wipe the tears from the floor.

You know how there are those bands that sound ok in concert, but bad on CD...or vice versa? (like Enda). Well Escape Engine sounds spectacular on CD and in concert. They are the best.
Chuck gave me their 6 song ep.
It is superb.
I love it.
Just like being there and doing rounds with Jay and Ash.
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