October 5th, 2002

yay yeah!

This is a really good mix cd-ness. Abe came to see my mom, then he left because she was not home...and he knows my jail-bait butt likes him. But he came back like five minutes later to lend me the CD he was listening to when I saw him drive by. In his old porshe I might add. So yeah...it is really good. He said I could "borrow" it, not keep it...so that means he has to get it back somehow. Hmmm...

I am still a mess...I just can not handle boys right now. No male contact. This does not mean friends, it just means that I am not pursuing anyone anymore...right now, I am just letting things flow. And I do not care what happens. I am sick of heart ache, it is a waste of time and I already have too much on my plate...strange because the Vegetarian diet is sometimes limiting.

I am wearing my Whole Foods shirt. And soon, I will be wearing my beret.
I hate Stephanies. I hate the old...and I hate the young.

"I took his arm and kissed his lips...jet boy jet girl, I'm gonna take your round the world...I know I'm only just fifteen, I like to kick I like to scream...and even if I have a kick or two in bed with him, you know it's just a dream...."
"Ca Plane Pour Moi"
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    "Ca Plane Pour Moi"&"Jet Boy Jet Girl"

blonde with beard-ness?

I think I am going to a very bad show tonight.
So sad.
But I think someone might come?
Please, someone...anyone...come.
I feel and look like death, but oh well.
I am on break in the break room again.
This time, when people see me, they do not leave.
They like me, the really do.
Actually they are all just taking their breaks.
There was this huge cake drama today.
No, not the band...the food.
This woman got mad and I could not find her cakes and my boss-ish lady Martha, had to drive to another bakery and get her a cheese-cake. Wow. What a scandal.
I am so tired.
I really need some sleep.
I really need some action.
Fell for me?
Oh goody.
Martha S. I hear, is very nice...she remembers and makes you good food...and I also hear that our holiday shirts are this horrid green.
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    the sound of the back room.