October 3rd, 2002

But all I've ever learned from love...it's not a cry you hear at night.

Guess what?
Well besides the usual "sky, and chicken butt"...guess what?

Kaila, also known as the Elektrik Muffin, will be coming to a campus near you.
Yes, you heard correctly...a campus near YOU!
This Wednesday, the one coming up, Kaila will be at Santa Rosa High School.
All day.
This is true.
She will be shadowing a kid in the Art Quest Photography department, I think Lizz-muffin-ness.
I am staying over at my dad's the night before and walking through the fence to campus.
I have to get there rather early, but since I am used to zero hour, it seems like I get to sleep in.
That is superb.
Since I have no work, it is like a day off to visit with my friends.
Who will sit with me at lunch, so I am not a nerd?
Who will makeout with me in the janitor Bob's closet?
Do you have a janitor Bob?
I hope so.
Maybe I will get a rep. Rad.
So yes, in a matter of days...
I will be coming, wrapped in a bow and some convis.
I am excited. Are you?
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