October 1st, 2002

got some rope. got you on my mind. want you badly. give it.

I wont say much, but this kid I know is coming here and he is really splendid.

One thing, I was a horrible friend. The worst in history. But just you wait! Keep an eye out! I am going to be the best friend in the whole wide world!!!!! This song (territorial pissings, Nirvana) is making me want to moss and snog. AHHH.

Gosh, I am getting one of my waves. The whole amorousness/love one. And it is making me angry because there are cool kids i want to know and have...and yeah. AHH.
Please, I need someone to make this work out a little bit.
Everyone seems to be falling yet not really in the right place.
Let me help you out...
Kaila...to the left.
That is where you fall.
The left.

Sometime this weekend I want to go out, for a ride, in a car...on the way to our destination we will listen to The Clash, on our way home we will listen to Kid A, Radiohead. We shall get food, books, music...starting trouble. Should be with someone I do not know. Who wants to go?
It shall be a boy.
But I know most boys.
Hey...how about Mile.
How about it Mile?
Want to go start trouble in the big city?
You can bring one of your ladies too if you like you pimp.