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October 2002 - thefawn
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by thefawn:

10:28 am: dogs? russians? don't believe me? haha. Oh Jane.
06:45 pm: got some rope. got you on my mind. want you badly. give it. - 1 comment

12:11 pm: **.it was over before it even began.**
06:29 pm: I'm crying, can't you see? I love you. Forget it, I love you.

07:10 pm: But all I've ever learned from love...it's not a cry you hear at night.

06:32 pm: "kaila and glenn sitting in a tree..." that kid is funny. - 2 comments

08:47 am: yay yeah! - 2 comments
02:25 pm: blonde with beard-ness? - 4 comments
03:38 pm: In love with him? I guess I am...this came after I started to shake and get ill. - 1 comment

06:34 am: I don't want to go, I don't want to go.
07:17 am: Now, I am in class...sunglasses, hot ass.
05:36 pm: I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you...not.
10:22 pm: I am sick of the words to control me.

03:22 pm: Grace Bakery Potatoe bread with its pieces of potatoes is so great. - 2 comments

09:31 pm: Women And Children First.

09:25 pm: Fight for your right.
09:46 pm: wow. I do not think this is true, but I did it on purpose because wow...this was one of my...
10:26 pm: songs in my head

05:10 pm: urg urg urgeerhhhsheeeeessstrrrr. fugi in my tummy. - 2 comments

09:13 am: relations...a little bit closer. - 2 comments

10:29 am: haligh haligh a lie haligh - 2 comments
03:54 pm: hm. - 1 comment

09:46 pm: Such a pretty little baby you turned out to be.
10:08 pm: I know you are not bashful...what did that prick whisper to you?

08:44 pm: ARGH. - 1 comment

06:06 pm: Moster, crawling deeper inside of me...

05:35 pm: I'm at work, I'm at work...and someone is eating meat...ew...I am here for 1.5 hours mas and countin

03:06 pm: what's my name?

12:39 pm: and you kissed me with ripe young breath- so i kissed you, one night as forever - 1 comment
03:20 pm: crunch crunch went the cereal
08:10 pm: we are the mods, we are the mods, we are we are we are the mods.

07:23 am: no more quizzes no more quizzes...someone sitting near me is in love.
02:36 pm: This chai made me anxious.

07:28 am: alright, I will pop out an essay in a week.

09:44 am: sigh - 1 comment

02:08 am: my head is frozen, my head is frozen, my head is frozen - 2 comments
07:39 pm: Rotting flesh? You shot me with your camera.
07:42 pm: sheesh - 2 comments

07:24 am: My tum tum hurts. - 1 comment
06:05 pm: Tru Playa fo Reaal... - 2 comments