September 30th, 2002

This is scary, I think my class is listening to Creed. That is death.

Last two times going out I think I looked ok enough. But now, I look ill and h-ful. I have had very little sleep and water. It has taken its toll. I look ick. This, of course, is very horrible seeing as this weekend is such a big huge show. I mean, where else would one find themselves a nice little boy? Eh? I my little buddies...I mean...ehh

Maybe my little love mate will be blind. Good times. Blind? I need some help.
Help me and throw me a life-saver...candy or otherwise.

I think I might cry, I am a formal nerd.

I am a TA right now in my old English teacher's class. I enjoy being an example..."Kaila..." etc etc.
But, I just got called into the office. This has never happened to me. I really have never been in trouble, and if I have it was long ago. So I was very nervous. But, she was very nice to me and just told me that I was tardy three times. One time was in English I think, because it took me so long to walk back from lunch. The other two times were in the same class because I was like two minutes late from the bread wanting boy's house. Dangerous. I am always tardy when I go there. Which sucks, because I love visiting with him. But I can not get another detention. The trouble lady was like "I am sure your record is fine..." then she pulls it up and there are all these detentions and yeah. AHH. I was like, I do not remember that! They were all from Junior High. I wonder if I will be accepted to college. She told me it is fine and that my record is good, but compared to what? The ghetto folk waiting in the lobby with me? AH. Oh well, now I sound like a major nerd.
I thought I was being called in for my shirt today, because it says "peace" and words in Hebrew...or something...and school is run by the government, and the government is run by fascists...I over think things.
Never mind.

All our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun.

This music makes me want to shoot my gun and kiss someone at the same time.

I seem to find out about things very late. you have something to tell me you lucky dog?

Strange when someone you, at one point, were with someone you had a crush on.
Has this ever happened to you?
"Well I swear that I don't have a gun" it was a lie.

I want to take you to my house and show you my curdled soy milk.
You will say it is gross but think it is cool.
Taking a second look when I turn my back.
You will say things like holla' and skrilla' and wack.
I will call you a dork.
But really, I will love you more for it.

No I don't have a gun.
But sometimes, I wish I did.
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I am obsessed with my mouth at this second.
Watch me make you scream.
Oh my what have you done my dream?
Dirty wings.
No thanks.
cut yourself.
bleed yourself.
I guess so.