September 25th, 2002

Bob Dylan in the pants of a thirty five year old sex machine?!! WOW Jane Fonda=Barbarella. WOW

What a heading for nothing.
I forgot my book at home so now I am going to try to do the two nights of homework and prepare myself for the test all during my short zero hour class. Eeek.

You know what? Once my lady friend was speaking to bread-wanting boy about me. "She seems really cool, herself, outgoing...nice" and he says "Yeah and she's at the top of her class...hmmm who does she remind me of?" (speaking in regards to the girl). I wonder if I was some replacement for her. I doubt it. But still what a funny thought. A sad thought too. That people are always attracted to a certain type of person. Because the one I desire has never really wanted one like me. "Maybe he can change"--NH.

Silly me.
Words first.
Mindless worries second.
Or never.

I just walked home and I did not even say goodbye. How far do you want to go?

What can I say?
Watching random bits of animated movies that are "steamy" chard cooked to perfection? Bread Wanting boy is so strange at times, all times. Are you strange too? I think that maybe underneath it all you are a nut.

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't.

I had a popsicle at C.'s but now I want some sorbet.
I have to read the Crucible in one night.