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divorced's Journal


24th September 2002

10:46am: XO.let's fall and get me some new gum. XO
Kate is in my class right now, she is so lovely. If only I could capture her beauty and evil in a bottle...I would make millions.

I hate it when people do not write me back. I worry that they read it and thought me silly...never to write back. So I question myself, thinking I am a crazy little girl for attempting at new friends.
Oh well.

Maybe I went past my area...asked too much?
Not quite sure.
This is not so much about people I am already friends with, like Grant who will write a lot and then not very much, but about those I am trying to capture and make my friends.
Maybe I shall try the in-person approach. Swoon them with my wit and charm, or capture them with my hot mamacita body. Oh I am only kidding...hmmm.

I am losing my newest friends, which really is horrible. But I know I can not whine because other people, who might read this, are losing the same people but on a deeper level. I suppose it would be worse if I met them sooner. But maybe not, because then I would have many warm memories to get through the cold. I think we should start a fan club of kids that will be going through detox for our little friends.

My new little half-Japanese lady Nina is gone...oh how I miss her charm. I am trying my best to ensure a visit Nina.
Now I am losing my newest friend (of foe) Heather. Such a horror it is to lose a Heather. Oh well...I will stalk in her memory eh?


ap art teacher: "You guys are doing wonderful"...she calls me Kelly.
Current Mood: in love/lust
7:49pm: turn around, bowie is making the kids amorous and you are getting a little too hot for safety.

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